Helicopter expertise in the mountains, in cities all over Europe

Lifting and transporting helicopter charges demand a lot of requirement, a proper expertise
is needed to carry out the missionsafely, the faster possible with the better prices.

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Our serious and efficiency has been prouven for more than 30 years, whithe our helicopters we carry out loading transports
Not only in all the French territory but also in Europe. A project manager will be at your disposal and
in charge of following the helicopter duty from the beginning until the end of the lifting opperation.

Ideal for delicate operations, the helicopter allows you to performs all types of handling and assembly works.
Minimise mark of the man on the landscapes.

Heliporting in cities or industrial areas needs technical demands where the cranes does not allow lifting fast at the best cost.
The helicopter is a fast and efficient solution for the transport of machine, pylon, pipe, air-conditioner, PAC,
elevator machinery ...

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We can carry loads everywhere on the French territory, Europe, mountain, in city.
- Lifting loads on sites that are difficult to access in the forest, mountain or urban environment, such as
air conditioning, rooftop, air handling unit, CTA, electrical Transformer,
compressor, mast, pylon, crane assembly, or assembly of ski lift ...
- The helicopter is your ally in difficult jobs that can require a high accuracy of assembly, where the crane can not go.
Heliport at the top of a building, carry a bulky load quickly from one point to a point B, a lot of possibility.

Notre zone d'action
Helicomontage work area for any request helicopter transport load with the sling, helicopter winching / Location rent helicopter

- Aerial installation costs are dependent upon the location and pick weights of your project.
- Load transport in the hold, helicopter taxi, fast delivery express parcels in France and Europe, fight against forest fires.

Lifting table (encrypted table) Weight / Tc ° / Altitude


Helicopter SUPER PUMA
Technical Data :
helicopter super puma AS332 lifting operation / technical data / lift helicopter

Contact us - Helilift operation in Europe - Helicopter services transport external load

The helicopter solves many problems: Difficult access, speed of action, easy implementation for loads up to 5000 Kg.

We are able to respond to loads of 20 tons.
This requires a study of your needs.

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Contact us - Helilift operation in Europe
Mail :  info@helicomontage.fr

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